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Outdoor Events Ordinance Approved In Final Reading

Nevada County Supervisors have narrowly approved an outdoor events ordinance that will go into effect in December. In the second reading of the ordinance at their meeting today (Tuesday), the board voted 3-2 to limit outdoor events to four per year in residential areas. Permits will also be needed. District Four Supervisor Hank Weston voted in favor, and says it’s the smaller events that have gotten more complaints…

Listen to Hank Weston

District Three Supervisor Terry Lamphier was hesitant, wanting more restrictions on events. Board Chair Nate Beason urged Lamphier to change his mind…

Listen to Nate Beason

But ultimately Lamphier voted no…

Listen to Terry Lamphier

Ed Scofield was the other no vote. The board considered the issue for almost two hours in its afternoon session.

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