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Outraged Alumni Occupy Hennessy Rally

Hennessy Elementary school Alum, Kim Madson, heard that her Alma Mater was being considered to go from a public elementary school to a charter high school and she was outraged. Not so much that the school board was considering the change but that the first she heard about it was from a friend who knew someone on the school board. Madson decided to create a facebook page called Occupy Hennessy to get the word out and she is surprised by the overwhelming community response.

“It’s getting bigger than I ever anticipated. The support is overwhelming from parents, from alumni, just general concerned community members.”

The facebook page has a post outlining the sentiment of its members stating “As voting members of the community, we should be OUTRAGED that a decision as huge as changing the format of Hennessy School is not being shared to the fullest with the voters!!”  Madson says flyers will be handed out regarding an occupy type rally at the PARENT MEETING this evening (THURSDAY!!)  At 5:30pm-6:30pm, At Hennessy School.  According to Madson, the concern is about properly informing the public about a potential change to Hennessy.

“I just wish that they had been more open with the public about what’s going on. It’s more so about keeping information from the public than money concerns.”

The Occupy type protest is set for Monday the 9th from 6 to 9pm. The school board meeting is on Tuesday January 10th at 7pm. Madson says the public is encouraged to come out and let the board know how they feel.

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