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Outstanding Service Awards for Local Emergency Responders

The Emergency Management Services Agency that oversees EMT’s and first responders in Nevada County recently awarded their Outstanding Service Award to 19 individuals from five separate agencies who cooperated in a rescue of a drowning victim on the south Yuba River on May 31. The incident happened about a half mile upsteam from the Bridgeport Bridge and the family who’s son was the drowning victim were hiking out to get help when they ran into a State Parks Ranger who ran back and started CPR. Penn Valley Fire Captain Don Wagner says they got called out along with Cal Fire, North San Juan Fire and Calstar.

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Capt. Rainy Blue Cloud  with the North San Juan Fire Department  says there is a heightened sense of urgency when a child is involved.

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Firefighters valiant efforts  resulted  in the boy gaining consciousness before he was airlifted to a Sutter Roseville trauma center. Unfortunately the boy died of complications the following day.


Penn Valley Fire Captain Don Wagner says the young boy’s drowning was just one of the calls for service on the river that day.

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The Sierra Sacramento Valley EMS sets a high bar for any of the awards they give and Captain Blue Cloud says the efforts  put out by first responders  during the rescue  met that standard.

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The Sierra Sacramento Valley EMS Agency pinned 19 emergency responders for their valiant efforts. Those receiving the award from the North San Juan Fire Department along with Captain Blue Cloud were Battalion Chief EMT Boyd Johnson, Firefighters Freya Johnson, Shane McGloughlin , and Nels Nelson, Firefighter-EMT’s Doug Lingen and David Jensen, and Engineer Jefferson Wilson.   From the Penn Valley Fire Department Chief Don Wagner, Lt. Dennis Bertolucci and Firefighter Paramedic Bryan Mathena received awards. California State Parks Supervisoring Ranger Dan Youngren, and Ranger Jim Collins ; Cal Fire Captain Chris York, Firefighter Cameron Pankey and Firefighter Sam Layton and Cal Star 3 Flight Nurses Kasey Beckman, Andrea Seerley and  Cal Star Pilot, Mark Ramos also received the Outstanding Service Award that day in a special ceremony at the Penn Valley Fire Station on August 6th.



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