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Over 15 Thousand Ballots Remain to Tally

Nevada County elections officials are saying there could be 10 to 15 thousand ballots  in Nevada County that are yet to be counted.  Assistant Clerk Recorder, Gail Smith says that’s due in part to a high number of vote by mail ballots that were dropped off at polling places and at the elections office on election day. She says that high number of ballots yet to be counted is not unusual.
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The elections office has until 5pm tomorrow to count the approximate number of ballots left to be counted and submit that number to the Secretary of State’s Office.
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the Secretary of State’s office has Nevada County currently listed at 49.8 percent voter turnout, but Smith says the percentage of registered voters who actually voted in Nevada county could go up substantially when all the ballots are counted.    Smith says election day in Nevada County seemed to be very busy at the polls.
Click here to listen to Gail Smith

The special election for Senate District 1 ballots must be certified by November 21st and Nevada County has until December 4th to certify the general election.

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