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P G and E Restores Power to Most Customers Following Accident- UPDATE

Power is back on for most customers in the South County area. A power outage caused by a vehicle into a power pole accident around 8:20 AM knocked out power to over 1300 customers for about an hour this morning. PG and E spokesperson Jana Morris explains what happened.
Click here to listen to P G and E  Spokesperson, Jana Morris

PG and E was able to re-route and restore power to all but 150 customers around 9:20 AM. PG and E estimates 4 or 430 to get remaining 150 customers will be back online. PG and E also reports that an outage along Highway 49 south of Streeter Rd caused by a tree into a powerline has been restored putting 250 customers back online.  Jana Morris says another vehicle into a power pole occurred just our side of Nevada City.

Click here to listen to Jana Morris1301a

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