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Panel Presents Positives about Local Sales Tax

Citizens and city officials attended a presentation and question and answer opportunity in support of Measure N in Grass Valley Thursday night.
The message about the local tax was simple.

Click here to listen to Mayor Jan Arbuckle

The proposed sales tax increase will go to support three major services in Grass valley- Police, Fire, and Road Maintenance. All three services have been negatively impacted by the loss in revenue as a result of the economic downturn since 2007. According to  Police Chief John Foster, GVPD would be able to fill four to five officer positions that were recently cut . Fire Chief Tony Clarabut stated the fire department would be able to fill two positions and provide funds for much needed equipment and vehicle replacement. Public Works Director, Tim Kiser explained how road maintenance in Grass Valley would not have to be reduced to what he referred to as Pothole Fill Service because current funding can no longer support full road maintenance.
Mayor Jan Arbuckle sympathizes with local taxpayers but knows the benefits outweigh the consequences if the measure does not pass.

Click here to listen to Mayor Jan Arbuckle

Measure N in Grass Valley proposes a half-cent sales tax increase within the city of Grass Valley.

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