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Paramedic Crashes During Time Sensitive Transport: CHP to the Rescue

A paramedic on a life saving mission received assistance from the CHP. Public Information Officer Marc Morrison says the man was involved in a solo accident on Highway 49 near Lime Kiln Road early Sunday morning. A CHP officer saw the driver of a 2011 Nissan lose control of his car and it went over the embankment. When the CHP Officer arrived and found the driver, the driver said he was on his way to pick up donor harvest organs from Sierra Nevada Hospital. The CHP officer helped the paramedic complete his emergency run.

“He was en route to Sierra Nevada Hospital in Grass Valley, obviously with a time sensitive response. Unfortunately he allowed his vehicle to drift off the road and it overturned and dropped about 60 to 80 feet down a steep embankment. He wasn’t injured. When the officer arrived on scene and determined the situation and what was happening, transported the driver to Sierra Nevada so he could complete the medical procedure as soon as possible.”

The 50 year old Elk Grove man was not injured in the accident. When the CHP Officer finished the emergency transport of the paramedic to the hospital. He returned and completed the accident investigation.

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