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Paratransit Fare Policy on Transit Commission Agenda

At Wednesday morning’s Transit Services Commission Meeting at the Nevada City City Hall Chambers the Fare Policy for Paratransit Services and possible increases will be up for discussion. It has been five years since a rate increase for LIFT service was last on the agenda and in 2009 no change was made as a result of the recession. LIFT is the door-to-door service for riders with disabilities.

Transit Services Director, Susan Healy-Harmon,  says LIFT has two service areas.
Click here to listen to Susan Healy-Harmon

Healy-Harmon says there are three rate change scenarios.
Click here to listen to Susan Healy-Harmon

The second scenario is a $1.00 increase in each area.

The third scenario involves a smaller increase to the ADA corridor and a larger increase to the outlying areas.
Click here to listen to Susan Healy-Harmon

Federal law prohibits the ADA corridor to be no more than double the fixed route , or Gold Country Stage,  fares. So the ADA Corridor can be no more than $3.00 one way.
The Transit Services Commission meeting begins at 8:15 AM in Nevada City and public comment on the proposed rate increases is anticipated to begin at 8:30 AM.

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