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Parent Tips and Resources for the Start of School

This is the first week of school for most students in Nevada County and parents are sending their children off to be with friends and teachers. Though many parents are happy, there are some that feel they their child may not be ready for the start of school. Director of Content for PBS KIDS, Abby Jenkins, tells KNCO’s Paul Haas that many parents are asking for tips to help prepare their child for the first school experience.

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Jenkins says that discussions about what children are excited about and what they are concerned about is one way to alleviate stress. Another suggestion is to have routines.

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To support parents, PBS has a number of programs focused on school readiness as well as some technology tools. There are number of apps for Ipads and Smartphones that are interactive and help develop skills. There are apps for parents too .

Click here to listen to Abby Jenkins

Jenkins says parents can access all of the resources available through PBS at PBSKids.org and PBS.org/parents

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