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Pascale Talks of Her Immigration Ordeal

Even after being home now for several days, YubaNet co-founder Pascale Fusshoeller still doesn’t know what her current legal status is, or even why she was let out of jail. Immigration officials released her from federal custody last week, but no one from the government has told her nor her attorneys yet, what will happen next…

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Fusshoeller talked about her ordeal on KNCO’s ‘Fitzsimmons and Flores’ on Friday. She spent eight days in jail, five of those in federal custody in solitary, in a small cold cell in Sacramento…

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Pascale says the light was always on, and she got very little sleep. She was also allowed only two visits a week, except for her attorney. Fusshoeller was pulled over for running a stop sign on October 8, reportedly lied about her identity to the officer, and then it was determined that she was in the country illegally. There was a lot of community support for Fusshoeller, which she says she didn’t really know until she got home…

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The YubaNet website was inactive during Fusshoeller’s incarceration, and is now up and running again.

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