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Passing a School Bus Results in Contact with CHP

Passing a bus with flashing lights will trigger a citation or a letter from the CHP. CHP Area Commander Lieutenant David Qualls says Officers are following school buses and citing driver who pass the bus, when children are being pickup or being let off. Lieutenant Qualls says citizens and bus driver turn into the CHP license numbers of driver who violate the flashing light school bus law. He wants driver to know people will turn them in.

“That’s one of the few violations that we have here with the Highway Patrol where I will actually send you a letter if you’re observed passing a school bus by another person. We will send you a letter reminding you that you need to stop for the school bus.”

Lieutenant Qualls says when children are getting on the bus or getting off, it is a dangerous time. The Lieutenant says when a Officer sees the violation a citation is issued and the fine for the violation is quite large.

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