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Paulette’s Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for IFM

Paulette’s Country Kitchen restaurant will be open  Friday evening November 8th  for a special spaghetti dinner to benefit the  Interfaith Food Ministry program. I-F-M Executive Director Sue VanSon says tickets for dinner are only $10 per person.

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Interfaith Food Ministries   is gearing up for the holidays and they want to be able to  give every client all the fixings for a nice holiday dinner at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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VanSon says two local grocery chains are also helping stock the pantry at Interfaith Food Ministries. Both Safeway stores in Grass Valley  and Raley’s in the Pine Creek Center  are offering a pre-packaged bag of groceries to donate.

click here to listen to Sue VanSon
VanSon says Interfaith Food Ministries works in cooperation  with the Nevada County Food Bank as they both distribute holiday meals, but   they do share their lists to make sure that all families get covered but that no one takes advantage of both meals.

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