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Peardale Pines 4-H Delivers Market Hogs to Fair

Cindy Perry is the community leader for Peardale Pines 4-H and all 7 youth in the club are raising market hogs for the fair this year, including Perry’s 17 year old daughter Rachel.  Perry says the club bought their market hogs in Aprilc at an average cost of $250 per pig and they were averaging 65 pounds.  She says there’s a lot of math that goes into gauging how much feed to give their market hog.

“Because our fair does have a weight limit, they cannot, at the day of weigh in, they cannot go over 280 pounds. So the kids have to enlist a lot of math to figure out their weight gain in reference to how many pounds of food they feed that pig each day.”

Perry says between feed and the purchase of the pig, the cost could be upwards of $600 dollars. The Peardale Pines 4-H members are delivering their Hogs to the Fairgrounds swine barn today and they will be weighed in tomorrow.  The market hogs will be shown Thursday and auctioned Sunday.  Perry says the youth are hoping they will recover their expenses and a little extra during the livestock auction Sunday morning.

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