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Pediatrician Weighs in on Affordable Care Act

Many changes are coming to health care in the next year under the Affordable Care Act,  and in Nevada County,  many of those changes will affect families with children.  For instance children now covered under Healthy Families for health insurance will be transferred to coverage under  Medi-Cal.     Dr. John Reeder is a Pediatrician with Sierra Care Physicians which handles a majority of pediatric care in Western Nevada County.
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The thrust of the changes will move  Medi-Cal from  fee-for-service based,   to a managed care aproach, and reimbursement rates for physicians will likely increase.  Dr. Reeder says more children will qualify and doctors who did not take Medi-Cal before, probably will under the new structure.
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Dr. Reeder says these are big changes and a lot is yet to be determined, but from the point of  view of a pediatrician and children’s health, he says it looks like it’s mostly positive.

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The conversion for children from Healthy Families to Medi-Cal under the Affordable Care Act is slated to take place in Nevada County in September  2013.

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