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Penn Valley Crowbar Attack Victim gets Medals 60 Years Late

The Penn Valley resident Jim Wright who survived the crow bar attack in his home on April 11th of 2011, used him notoriety to get 3 medals from the U.S. Army that had never been awarded. Those medals finally arrived with the new year with a little help from Congressman Tom McClintock’s office after hearing of Wrights horrific attack.

“I contacted Tom McClintock’s office. They sent me a very simple Army form to request this. Just before New Years, I received a package and it had the three medals in there.”

The medals were for good conduct, the riflemen’s marksmen badge, and the American Defense Medal. Wright says he has healed from his wounds except for some damage to his fingers. Several bones were broken in his right hand. When asked if he is following the case he said he doesn’t care.

“I’m living my life without worrying about him. I can’t even remember his name. I forget about it. I’ve really tried to get my life back together. So far as the injuries, I’m pretty much back to 100% complete.”

Dillon McMahan was found guilty of the attack on Jim Wright as part of a 2 day 3 county crime spree with an accomplice John Adrian that began with a carjacking in Placer County and ended with a high speed chase in Yuba County. McMahon will be sentenced in Placer county February 3rd on the carjacking charges.

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