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Penn Valley Man Arrested for K-Mart Theft

Good coordination between KMart loss prevention officers, Grass Valley Police Dispatch and officers on patrol led to the arrest of a Penn Valley man Friday night. Grass Valley Police Sgt. Steve Johnson says 2 employees of KMart were watching a man who allegedly took a box cutter and blades, flashlights, a single walkie-talkie and a crow bar, concealed them and attempted to leave the store. When he was confronted he was alleged to have pushed the employee out of his way and took off in a red Dodge Neon.

“Dispatch was able to run the plate and found that it returned to a registered owner of Marty Gibbs, who lives in Penn Valley. So one of our patrol officers who was in the area took a position up on Highway 20 headed out of town towards Penn Valley and sure enough, within moments, a red Dodge Neon passed by. He followed all the way down by the Shell station at the bottom of the hill. There he was able to make contact with the driver of the vehicle who was Marty Gibbs and he was able to locate the property that was stolen from Kmart. He took him into custody at that point.”

Marty Gibbs of Penn Valley was booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional facility on Burglary charges.

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