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Penn Valley Schools One Step Closer To Consolidation

The Pleasant Valley School District and Ready Springs Union School District- the two districts that serve Penn Valley, Lake Wildwood and  Rough and Ready- are one step closer to becoming one district. The County Committee on School Organization met at Williams Ranch School last week for the third time to provide community members information about the proposed consolidation and listen to public input regarding pros of cons of joining the districts. The districts currently share a superintendent and business services, but have to duplicate paperwork intensive administrative processes. Both school boards are in support of the consolidation. Ready Springs teacher representatives supported the consolidation as well.
Click here to listen to Anne Perdue

6th Grade Teacher, Anne Perdue, says the only concern is school culture and she wants to be sure that isn’t lost as a result of the process.
Click here to listen to Anne Perdue

President of the Pleasant Valley School Teachers Association, Peter Minett, says the Pleasant Valley teachers are also in support of reducing administrative overhead.
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Superintendent Debra Sandoval, at an earlier meeting, confirmed the support of the purpose of the consolidation.
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The next meeting of the Committee for School Organization to discuss and possibly make a recommendation is Feb 5th at 5:30 in the Skip Houser Room at the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Office.

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