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Penn Valley Town Hall Meeting Tonight

A Town Hall Meeting to discuss water district and county issues is going to be held in Penn Valley this evening. The theme of the program is “Penn Valley Matters” and supervisor Hank Weston will lead with an address on the county’s budget challenges.  Sheriff Keith Royal will address realignment issues and how they will affect the county now that the state is releasing certain inmates to county jails.  Steve Castleberry with the County Public Works Department will discuss future road and sewer projects.   and Nick Wilcox the President of the Nevada Irrigation District Board will discuss upcoming water projects that will affect the Penn Valley area.

“In the Lake Wildwood area next summer, we’re going to start upgrading and replacing pipes within Lake Wildwood; specifically on Chaparral Circle and Chaparral Court. So that’s about a quarter of a million dollar maintenance project that we’ve been planning on for the last few years and that will take place.”

Other speakers are Dave Anderson the President of the south Yuba River Park Association and Tamaran Cook, the Interim Program Manager for Nevada County Adult Services talking about the programs offered by the agency.

The Penn Valley Town Hall meeting will be held in the Seventh Day Adventist Church Community Hall at 17645 Penn Valley Drive beginning at 6:30 this (Tuesday 1/17) evening.

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