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Penn Valley Wastewater Grant Approved

After two years in the works, Nevada County is receiving grant grant money to improve the waste water treatment process in Penn Valley. Nevada County Public Works Director, Steve Castleberry says the existing Penn Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant is now at capacity and has been under a Cease and Desist Order from the Regional Water Quality Control Board since 2009. So the county began exploring options.
Click here to listen to Steve Castleberry

The 5 million dollar grant from the State Water Quality Control Board will fund a new pipe from Penn Valley to the Lake Wildwood plant. Castleberry says the grant is not the only funding source for the project.
Click here to listen to Steve Castleberry

The project could also result in a decrease in sewer rates for Lake Wildwood residents. Once the grant is accepted by the Board of Supervisors, design activities will start early this summer, with construction planned for next year.

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