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PG&E Holiday Safety Tips

As customers decorate homes and trees this holiday season, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) encourages them to keep safety and energy efficiency in mind.  Brittany McKannay with PG&E says LED lights are safer and save money. 

“What LED lights do is they use much less energy, 90% less energy than traditional holiday lights. What that means is that you’ll be paying significantly less on your energy bill when you’re hanging lights up for the holidays. Of course, the LED lights also provide an additional safety factor that they are more shatter proof and shock resistant. So they’re safer when we’re hanging them up.”

PG&E also reminds you to use caution when hanging outdoor lights and be aware if using a ladder that you don’t touch power lines or if you are putting lights in outdoor trees be aware of any branches that may be touching power lines. PG&E has one more caution and that is PG&E personal coming to your home during the holidays will always have ID.

“They should always ask to see identification if someone is claiming to be a PG&E representative. Someone from PG&E will always have a PG&E id on them when they come to the door. If a customer has an appointment with them, they will get an automated call 48 hours prior to the appointment just to verify that the PG&E person is showing up.”

PG&E says a string of 300 LED holiday lights can cost less than 50 cents to operate during the holiday season, compared to nearly $70 dollars for a string of 300 large incandescent holiday lights.

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