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PGE Repairs Affect Water Flows to NID

The Nevada Irrigation District is asking customers in the Grass Valley, Nevada City, Alta Sierra and Chicago Park areas to conserve water for the rest of the week.  NID General Manager Ron Nelson says it’s because PG&E needs to shut down Spaulding powerhouse for repairs which will restrict water flows.

“Well, we understood from PG&E last Friday that they discovered some maintenance that was very critical for one of their power houses and as a result of the maintenance work, they were going to have to shut off the power supplies to water in our district.”

NID water comes through the Spaulding powerhouse before it feeds Deer Creek and Scotts Flat.  Starting today PG and E will be cutting off the water supply to that part of the system for up to five days.

“So as a result of their work, we’re going to be subject to some shortages for a few days this week. We anticipate, because of the cool weather, that those shortages won’t be as bad as we first thought they were going to be.”

Nelson says the shortage of water will show up in the Penn Valley area, specifically to some 40 customers in an area along Spenceville Road.

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