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PILT Bill Headed to Appropriations

Another effort to get the State to pay its bills is moving forward. Chairman for the Rural County Representatives of California and Nevada County Supervisor, Nate Beason says that a bill supporting the delivery of Payment in Lieu of Taxes owed to over 36 counties is on it way to the Appropriations Committee.
Click here to listen to Nate Beason

Senators Jim Nielsen and Lois Wolk are carrying the bill for the RCRC.
From Appropriations the bill will go to the floor for a vote and evenvtually on to the Governor. Supervisor Beason explains that counties cannot collect taxes on land owned or leased by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Click here to listen to Nate Beason

Beason says that Governor Brown said he wants the State to pay its debts, so the RCRC keeps reminding him.  If the bill doesn’t work, the RCRC is not going to give up. They will keep pressing and find another way to get the money.

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