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Pioneer Park Survey Results go to City Council

A survey was conducted last summer with users of the Nevada City’s Pioneer Park to see what they liked and didn’t like about the facility.  Nevada City’s Park and Rec Supervisor Dawn Zydonis says the survey found people are happy with the park the way it is, but there are concerns for safety.

“The members of the public that were there had concerns about safety. They just felt like at times they didn’t feel safe at the park and maybe there was some illegal activity at the park so they recommended a sub-committee and looking at those things right away and not waiting for a master plan to come out.”

The committee also suggested establishing designated walking trails in Pioneer Park to give people a measurement of how far they are walking with the added benefit of increased safety.

“One of the things on the survey that people just used the park to walk through on their walks. If we create some walking loops that go through the areas where people are not feeling safe, maybe we can lose some of that unsafe activity if there is good activity happening in the park. We can also work with the police department to see if we can get some more intense enforcement.”

One other recommendation was to change the hours of park use to sunrise to sunset. Right now people can be in the park until 11pm. The Pioneer Park Survey Results and Master Plan Outline will be presented to the Nevada county City Council at their meeting this (Wednesday) evening.

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