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Pizza Delivery Woman Escapes Attempted Robbery

Two would-be robbers will think twice about who they try to holdup in the future. Yuba County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Damon Gil says a pizza delivery woman had just finished making a delivery at an apartment in Linda. The woman was approached by the two men, who demanded her money. The Lieutenant says the woman told the men no and then punched one of the robbers.

“They demanded money from her and she refused to turn over any money. They reiterated the demands for money. One of the men actually shoved her. Instead of giving money to the subjects, she punched one of the men in the face, knocking him to the ground.”

The woman fled to her car, out running the second robber. The two men are described as in their mid twenties with facial stubble, and wearing dark clothing. The Lieutenant said there is no connection with the robbery and the location the pizza was delivered to.

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