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Placer County gets Grant for High Tech Equipment

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office has purchased some new tools and equipment made possible by a grant from the Thunder Valley Casino. A small, high-tech, remote-controlled robot camera and eight self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) units will enable the sheriff’s Special Enforcement Team (SET) to better respond to threats in multi-story structures. The grant program is funded by Thunder Valley Casino, the Indian gaming special distribution fund, and is administered by the local community benefit committee. According to Placer county sheriff’s Information Officer, Dena Irwin, the funding made it possible to obtain equipment used during critical incidents to help SET members respond to hazardous situations and save lives.

“We purchased this really small, high tech remote controlled robot camera. You can throw it. It’s got little four wheel drive wheels on it. They can throw it through a window or run it into a building or put it into an elevator and it’s got cameras on it. It’s remote controlled, so the deputy holding it can watch the camera and in real time, can see what the robot is seeing. And we’re also getting eight self contained breathing apparatuses for the deputies.”

The breathing units will enable deputies to enter smoke-filled areas and establish a safe environment for firefighters to enter. This is the second grant from the Thunder Valley, the first came in 2010. The Placer county sheriff’s office would not comment on the amount of either grant.

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