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Placer County Grand Jury Concealed Weapons Report

The Placer county civil Grand Jury took up the question of the issuance of concealed weapons licenses or CCWs in the county. It points out that none of the police departments within Placer County issue CCW permits and that all CCW permits are issued by the Placer County Sheriff’s Department. There are no written agreements between the Sheriff’s Department and the 4 police departments directing or allowing the Sheriff’s office to be the only authority to issue the CCW permits. The Sheriff’s Department does not notify the police departments regarding permits issued within each city jurisdiction. There for, none of the police departments know the identity, addresses or number of residents within their city’s jurisdiction who have been issued a CCW permit. The Jury recommends that a written agreement between the Sheriff’s department and the 4 police departments be develped. Dena Irwin Public Informqtion officer for the Placer County Sheriff’s Office says they are already in the process of putting an automated system in place.

Irwin on concealed weapons in Placer County

The Jury has asked for a response from Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner by September first and from the Police Chiefs of Auburn, Rocklin, Lincoln and Roseville by October first.

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