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Placer County Man Falls Victim to Craigslist Theft

Placer County Sheriff spokesperson Dina Erwin says the victim in a bicycle theft  listed his Yeti 66  Mountain Bike for sale for $6,500 on Craig’s list. Erwin says when a man in his mid thirties looked at the bike; he decided not to buy it. The victim left his home and returned two hours later to find the bike and other items were missing.

“He did advertise a very expensive mountain bike apparently on Craigslist. Someone responded to the ad, came to the man’s house, and said he wasn’t interested and left. Well, when this victim left his home a short while later, he came back two hours later and someone had stolen not only that bike, but other bikes but other things, thousands and thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen.”

Placer County detectives are working to identify the man who looked at the bicycle. Erwin says the internet has drawn criminal types and people need to beware. She advises to meet a perspective buyer in a public place, and only accept cash.

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