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Placer County Sheriff's Deputies Reward Good Behavior

Catching people doing something good isn’t always the focus of law enforcement, but the Placer County Sheriff’s Office has started The “Caught You Doing Something Good” program that does just that.  Public information office Deana Irwin says Deputies are now on the lookout for kids using crosswalks, wearing bike helmets, using sidewalks and bike lanes.

“It gives them a chance to contact kids in a very positive way instead of always having to be the bearer of bad news. They can give it for any reason to their discretion. If they see some child doing something the right way and they want to encourage them to keep doing that, they can reward them with a little card.”

The Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the Dry Creek 76 Gas Station and Food Mart, 3960 Grass Valley Hwy, which is offering products from their store for reward recipients.  A “reward” card given to a child by a deputy can be redeemed at the store.  The card indicates specific products, beverages or popsicles, which are available to the child for free. Darrell Williams, Dry Creek 76 owner and member of the Placer County Sheriff’s Council, is excited to be a part of this program.

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