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Placer County Water Agency Reacts to Drought

Placer County Water Agency is reacting to the drought crisis,  Einar Maisch is  Director of Strategic Affairs for PCWA.

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Maisch says the agency will increase pumping out of the American River, and that will make up about half of the deficit. But its still going to make them short of being able to make normal deliveries.*
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That will allow the water agency to authorize actions to supplement water supplies where possible and at the same time implement a plan to dramatically curtail water use.
Click here to listen to Einar Maisch

The Board has set a public hearing for February 6th at 2 p.m. at the PCWA business center in Auburn.  PCWA General Manager David Breninger says  unless we see a dramatic return to significant wet winter weather, we’re facing a drought of historic magnitude that may be worse than the previous record  drought year of  1976-77.

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