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Placerville City Council Asks Mayor to Step Down

The city of Placerville, will be asking its Mayor, David Machado, to step down from his position as mayor and to take a leave of absence from the council following his arrest last week on perjury and conspiracy charges.  A complaint filed by the El Dorado County District Attorney alleges Machado unlawfully gave false statements regarding land he denied having an interest in, that was to be included in the city’s proposed redevelopment agency. City Manager Cleve Morris says the city will work with a 4 member council until the fate of Machado is known.

“We would just work with a four member council until that is resolved and then once that is resolved, assuming that he stepped down or something at the end and we were left with a vacancy, we would bring it back to the council with options for a special election or a general election or perhaps to appoint the position.”

The formal request for Machado to step down will be presented at the Placerville city council meeting this evening (Tuesday August 23rd, Town Hall, 549 Main Street, Placerville at 7P.M.)

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