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Plastic Bags, Outdoor Lights on Nevada City Agenda

It should be a busy Nevada City Council meeting tonight–with several items on the agenda. The most noteworthy is the first reading of a proposed plastic bag ordinance..

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City Manager Dave Brennan says the proposed ordinance as it is currently drafted would ban single use plastic bags, and charge a ten cent fee for paper bags. Brennan says there are several exemptions, including restaurants. They’ll be able to use plastic bags for carry-out until 2016…

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Comment will be taken tonight. If the measure proceeds, the second reading and vote would be taken at the next meeting.
Another item on the agenda tonight is a discussion on outdoor lighting…

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A list of Measure S street repair projects will also likely be adopted, and Nevada City residents will see water rates increase. They will likely go up one percent for one year, but could go up three percent over two years. Tonight’s meeting is at 6:30 at City Hall.

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June 11, 2014


I will not shop / purchase in a retail store who will charge a customer ten cents per paper bag.If I'm at a store and I see they added a bag charge, I have the right to say I changed my mind, void out the whole transaction, then shop elsewhere.

Retailer's were given the option to use plastic bags or paper bags. Most retailer's never stopped using paper bags. If the cost of paper bags is a burden to the retailer of expenses, then why don't they just raise their price's 1 or2 cents per item.
Cost solved
I do prefer to use paper over plastic when asked.
No customer should be forced to bring in their own bags.
If I keep my bags in the car all day while at work,during this warm heat, then having to put food in them for the trip home.
Stop with all the forced laws, educate the people to make better decissions. Like Recyling..... That was never forced.

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