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Poorly Executed Fire Drill Damages County Equipment

Nevada County Supervisor Hank Weston wants to insure that a poorly executed fire drill at the Rood Center Information Systems offices doesn’t happen again.  The topic came up at the Board of supervisors meeting Tuesday when Supervisor Weston, a former Fire Chief, pulled from the Consent Calendar a request to spend $ 6,188 on computer equipment that had been damaged during the fire drill.

“A recent fire drill resulted in an unplanned activation of a fire suppression system. That’s not normal, so I guess my question is, what happened and how do we prevent this from happening again.”

The Question was directed to the Chief Information Officer Steve Monighan who explained basically it was human error that caused the sprinklers to activate in the Data Center.

“Through human error, not through mechanical error, the pull was pulled that automatically activated the fire suppression system in the data center, which then caused damage to a number of pieces of equipment.”

Monighan says much of the damaged equipment was covered under warranty and has been replaced, but funds to replace the server used for application source control must come from the general fund, which the supervisors approved.

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