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Popular Teen Program Loses Funding

A popular Friday Night program for teens during the school year may be without funding for the upcoming school year. The Over Time Program- also referred to as OT- is a safe, fun , free activity-based event held each Friday night during the school year at Park Avenue Alternative Learning Site. Funding for OT is provided by a four-year grant through the Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County and the grant has ended.
Click here to listen to Randy Fields

Randy Fields runs the program and says OT provides an important option for area teens.
Click here to listen to Randy Fields

If the grant is not funded, Fields estimates the program needs between 3500 and 5000 dollars to run this year. To help offset expenses for the beginning of this year, the Over Time Program is holding a car wash Saturday August 3 from 10-3 at the Walkers Office Supply Parking lot in the Brunswick Basin.

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