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Potential Warmth For The Homeless in Nevada City

Members of Sierra Roots and others in the community are lobbying Nevada City City Council to use the Veteran’s Hall as a Cold Weather Shelter when the temperatures drop below freezing. Sierra Roots member Susan Malloy says the organization is enlisting 8 trained volunteers to supervise the Hall each night the shelter is open. The shelter provides an evening meal, a place to sleep, and a breakfast to between 15 and 30 guests a night .
Click here to listen to Susan Malloy

Residents in the area have voiced concerns of increased loitering and nuisances from homeless people when the shelter has been open in the past. Malloy says it is important that the volunteers are trained so they can handle potentially unruly guests.
Click here to listen to Susan Malloy

The Salvation Army runs a Cold Weather Shelter at their facility on Alta Street in Grass Valley, but when the weather is particularity snowy, it makes transporting people from Nevada City to Grass Valley a challenge.

For more information on how to helpĀ  the homeless in Nevada City, visit SierraRoots.org

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