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Prepping for Livestock Auction

While the Nevada County Fair is getting into full swing, it winds up on Sunday, culminating with the Junior Livestock Auction. And while it’s kids that are raising and showing their animals, many of them have spent most of their lives getting ready for this weekend. 17 year-old Daniel Ramey is in the Chicago Park 4-H. He was too young to show an animal when he was six, so instead, he showed eggs.

Click here to listen to Daniel Ramey 

Like the Junior Livestock Auction, the kids show the eggs on Sunday. Ramey says the only difference is that this is a silent auction.

Click here to listen to Daniel Ramey 

Ramey says the biggest thing you learn at that age is how to present yourself, and talk to people.

Click here to listen to Daniel Ramey

Ramey recalls that he made a hundred dollars from his eggs when he was six years old. He moved on to show turkeys, and now shows lambs. Last year, the Junior Livestock Auction brought in 365-thousand dollars from 222 animals. The auction is Sunday from 9am to 3pm (Note: The Ag Mechanics Auction, which is an FFA project, is this evening at 5:30. Over 48-thousand dollars were raised from 58 projects last year).

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