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Press Release Regarding Red Truck Contacts

Authorities are still working to identify the driver of a red pickup truck reportedly asking children to get inside the pickup. Nevada County Under Sheriff Joe Salivar says they are following up on every lead they receive. He says the leads are coming in every week. He also says his staff have check all registered sex offenders and not found a match.
Click here to listen to Undersheriff Joe Salivar

Anyone with information on a possible suspect is encouraged to call the sheriff at 265-7880.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office has issued a press release that is attached to this story.

Click here to download Press Release*

*The reference to Lake Wildwood should be changed to Lake of the Pines.

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October 1, 2013

Warren McGee

I hope we can get a better description of the truck other than a red extended cab from the last Sunday situation on Dogbarr and Rattlesnake Rd. That fits a lot of trucks in this county. Hopefully this SCUMBAG will be caught soon and not let go on our streets ever again.

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