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‘Flash Incarceration’ Seems Successful

It’s a term a lot of people are not familiar with, but something that probation officers have been using with non-violent offenders for about a year now. It’s called ‘Flash Incarceration’…

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That’s Nevada County Chief Probation Officer Mike Ertola, who says that the length of the jail term depends on the offense, and also the number of times the offender has violated his or her probation. Ertola says flash incarceration is primarily being used in the case of realignment, where a state prisoner may have been granted early release….

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An offender may be inclined to sign the waiver rather than go through the court process and possibly spend more time in jail. Ertola points out that only non-violent offenses like a positive drug test, or missing a treatment appointrment are subject to flash incarceration, and it would not be allowed for any crime against another person or causing property damage. Ertola says the process seems to be working…

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There is a bill in the legislature that would expand the use of flash incarceration, but there’s also a court case in Ventura County challenging its constitutionality.

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