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Probation Search Leads to Four Arrests

A probation check on one subject ended with the arrest of four suspects all with past history with local law enforcement. On Friday, Sheriff’s deputies were conducting a probation check on 22 year old Douglas MacDuff at a Cascade Loop residence. According to Sheriff Keith Royal, MacDuff was not alone when they found him.
Click here to listen to Sheriff Keith Royal
Two other subjects were also in the residence that were familiar to law enforcement, Ryan Dentinger age 22 and Joshua Paulin age 36.
Click here to listen to Sheriff Keith Royal
Dentinger, who was out on bail for another charge, was also in possession of two GPS devices worth several hundred dollars that were determined to be stolen.
All four suspects were taken into custody and booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility on a variety of charges.

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September 1, 2014

Jason Tate

This breaks my heart. Josh Paulin found his way out of the world of drugs and crime between 2006 and 2008 or so. Me any my family watched him go from hardcore ex-con, to Christ living father and husband. I'd call Josh my brother back then, now to see him lost again just kills me. If anybody sees this, and knows or sees Josh. You tell him the Tate family loves him, God loves him, and no matter how many times, or how far we fall, there is always mercy, grace and forgiveness, and always another chance to start over.

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