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Prop 37 in Dead Heat

The latest fray in the Proposition 37 battle over whether Food Producers should be required to label foods made with GMO’s is reaching all the way to the US Attorney’s Office.  Earlier today the Yes on   37 group said the FBI   has Opened an  Investigation into No on 37 to determine if Monsanto and  Pepsico are, Buying California’s GMO Labeling Vote.
The US Attorney’s office in Sacramento released the following statement today in response:

” Due to press inquiries it has come to the attention of this office that some persons have suggested that this office has an active investigation relating to the use of the FDA seal in an advertisement relating to a campaign involving Proposition 37. Approximately two weeks ago, the U.S. Attorney’s Office received a letter complaining about the misuse of the official seal of the FDA in a campaign advertisement. the US Attorney’s office has  referred the matter to the FDA for any action they believe is appropriate. Neither the FBI nor the US Attorney’s office has a pending investigation related to this matter.”
Proposition 37, which asks voters to require labels on genetically engineered food sold in California, is  in a dead heat as the well-funded opposition campaign has been  flooding the airwaves and mailboxes with arguments against the measure.

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