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Property Values still down in County

Nevada County property values dropped 1.25%  in assessed value according to the recently released Nevada County Assessment roll for 2012 .  County Assessor Sue Horne says  the report shows there was a greater drop in property values in the unincorporated areas of the county where values declined by 2.2%
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The assessor says a  high number of foclosures and short sales tended to drive down  property values in unincorporated areas.
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The Assessor says there are 63,000 parcels in Nevada  County, and 26% of those are in Proposition 8 status, which means the value of the property has dropped low enough to warrant an adjustment in property value for tax assessment.   About 14% of property taxes collected in the county remain here. The rest goes to cities or special assessments. About 56% of property taxes collected go to schools.

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