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Property Values Up in County

Property tax values are on the rise in Nevada County. Nevada County Assessor Sue Horne reports the 2014/15 FY net taxable values for Nevada County saw a 5.11% positive growth over last year’s assessment roll.

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According to Horne the increase reflects the overall positive upward movement in our local real estate market throughout the county last year. Horne says that one percent of the total assessed value is what makes up the property tax for the county.
As a result of the positive increase, property taxes that were reduced over recent years are also increasing.

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Notices of Assessed Value will be mailed this month to property owners whose assessed values have changed, other than those adjusted only by the annual inflation factor. *

Click here to listen to Sue Horne

For more information on your property value, property owners can contact assessor staff at (530) 265-1232 or at assessor@co.nevada.ca.us.

By jurisdiction, Nevada City saw the largest percentage increase with a 5.99 % growth over last year, returning a total net value of $467 million. Grass Valley increased to $1.33 billion reflecting a 5.34% increase from 2013’s roll. Truckee’s values saw a similar robust increase with a net 4.77% positive adjustment totaling $5.2 billion. The remaining and largest unincorporated area of the county also saw a healthy increase in assessed values totaling approximately $8.37 billion, a 5.47% increase over the prior year.

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