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Propostion 37 Draws Big Dollars For and Against

Both Sides in the battle over proposition 37 that will require labeling of some genetically modified foods sold in California are spending money to gain votes.   After a barrage of advertising from the No on 37 group, the Yes on 37 campaign   ramped up an extensive television ad campaign that started Friday October 26.  Proponents of Proposition 37, like Michael Funk Chairman and Co-Founder of U-N-F-I which supplies Whole Foods and other grocery markets says California can take the leadership on labeling of GMO’s.
Click here to listen to Michael Funk

No on 37 spokesperson Kathy Fairbanks says Prop 37 is not just a simple labeling measure as proponents would like voters to believe;  she says  Proposition 37 is much more complicated and  poorly drafted.

Click here to listen to Kathy Fairbanks
According to  the Secretary of State’s election Funding tracker,  the biggest supporter for Proposition 37, the Organic Consumers Fund has contributed $1.3  million dollars; and the biggest opponent of Proposition 37, Monsanto, has contributed  $7.1 million dollars.

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