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Protecting Medicinal Marijuana Post-Harvest

For Nevada County residents with concerns about how to remain legal once your medical marijuana has been harvested, Americans for Safe Access-Nevada County (ASA-NC) is hosting a seminar to answer questions. ASA-NC Chair, Patricia Smith say the Wednesday seminar features Attorney Jeff Lake.
Click here to listen to Chairperson, Patricia Smith

Smith says Lake will cover state and federal information regarding legal recommendations.
Click here to listen to Chairperson, Patricia Smith

Patrica Smith says that the current ordinance doesn’t appear to address post harvest possession.
Click here to listen to Chairperson, Patricia Smith

Lake will review protocols for drying, curing, storing, transporting and distribution of medicine throughout the year.  Information on lab testing will be distributed to encourage members to incorporate this important practice into their regimen.

The provisions outlined by the DOJ would restrict sales to minors, transporting marijuana to states that have not passed marijuana legislation, using guns or violence to protect a crop, drugged driving, growing on public land, involvement with cartels or gangs, trafficking in other illegal drugs, possessing or using marijuana on federal property.

Tomorrow’s seminar at the North San Juan Senior Center will run from 3:00 – 6:30pm to allow ample time for questions and answers following the presentation.

The suggested donation for the seminar is $20, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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