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Public Comment Policy to be Reviewed by Supervisors

A number of local residents were ready to give the Board of Supervisors “the what for” about placing a restriction on the time they could speak on an issue. At their recent meeting Supervisors had an item on the agenda labeled restricting public comment. County Supervisor Ted Owens took the wind out of the public’s sails, when he said a limit had been in place for years and the Board of Supervisors need to look at removing the time limit restriction. The Board said the public has a right to be heard and the time restriction was not practical. Supervisor Beason said the entire policy needs to be reworked.
Click here to listen to Supervisor Nate Beason

The members of the public praised the Board for looking at removing the time restriction. Board members took no action except to look at the entire public comment policy in all the areas at a later date.

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