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Public Defenders Paint Positive Picture

Public Defenders for Phil Lester and Susan LaFerte presented compelling arguments that the defendant’s in the Gold Country Lenders case were not a danger to the community or a flight risk and that bail should be reduced. Counsel presented the fact the defendant’s had fully cooperated with the investigation and had ample opportunity to flee prior to surrendering to the jail in September but chose not to do so. Counsel also presented the fact the Phil Lester had made multiple positive contributions to the community including supporting area school programs. Both attorneys stated that neither defendant had any prior issues with the law up until their arrest.
Judge Ersel Edwards weighed both the public defenders arguments and the assumption that charges brought forward by the State Attorney General’s Office were true and bail was appropriate… and ultimately Edwards denied the requests. The defendants remain in custody each with a 600,000 bail.
Both Lester and LaFerte entered not guilty pleas. The preliminary hearing has been set for November 6.

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