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Purple Ribbons Remind Parents not to Leave Kids in Cars

CHP Officers around the Grass Valley area have purple ribbons on their police car antennas. CHP Officer Cindy Morgan says the ribbons are to remind people about Caitlin’s law.

“Our cars are all wearing purple ribbons and that is in reference to Caitlin’s Law which was enacted to remind people not to leave children or pets in an enclosed car.”

Officer Morgan says it only takes a matter of minutes for the temperature inside a car to raise over a hundred and thirty degrees. At that temperature children or pets can suffer permanent injury or death from the heat. Caitlin’s law was enacted in Missouri in 2009 because of the death of a child left in the back seat of a car. Officer Morgan says the ribbons are a hopeful reminder for parents and grandparents to not leave children in a car unattended.

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