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Quick Arrest is Comfort to Family

Family members of the victims in the hit and run Monday that severed the leg of a Grass Valley man and injured the woman he was with welcomed word of the arrest Thursday of the suspect in Sacramento County.

California Highway Patrol officer Todd Van Lindt says officers advised the family of 21-year-oldĀ  Grass Valley resident Harison Long Randall, and the family of 23-year-old Carmichael resident Gemily West, that a North Highlands man was arrested on suspicion of hit and run.
click to hear Todd Van Lindt

Officer Lindt says that was welcome news.
click to hear Todd Van Lindt

The suspect, 31-year-old Paul William Walden, has been booked on charges including two counts of felony hit and run in connection with the collision that took place in Sacramento County.

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