KNCO Personalities

Tom Fitzsimmons

Tom Fitzsimmons Feb. 25, 2016 8:03 AM PDT

Here Comes Spring!

Weather is already there…so here comes the spring sports season for the High Schools.  Baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, track… it all.  All the best to our athletes!

Rita Stevens

Rita Stevens May. 27, 2016 12:41 PM PDT

Observe Mars, Jupiter and Saturn This Saturday

On Saturday evening, May 28, 2016, local astronomers will be setting up their telescopes to provide free views of the planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. click to listen to Don Macholz That’s local Astronomer Don Macholz who says he will … Read more >

Dave Bear

Dave Bear Nov. 14, 2015 8:06 AM PDT

Bear River 20 – Ripon 7

Geoff Flynn

Geoff Flynn May. 26, 2016 8:08 AM PDT

Registration Shows More Democrats than Republicans

Nevada County has set a record for the number of registered voters. Assistant Clerk-Recorder Sandy Sjoberg says the latest tally shows 66,061 registered voters for the June election… Listen to Sandy Sjoberg 1 Monday was the deadline to register. With … Read more >