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‘Raise 80′ Open House Today

If you have any questions about the upcoming I-80 closure and detour through Grass Valley and Nevada City, you can ask them this evening…

Listen to Rochelle Jenkins 1

Caltrans spokeswoman Rochelle Jenkins says the closure will be during the overnight hours September 23 and 24 while they litterally lift the bridge at Magra Road to meet federal standards of 16 feet six inches of clearance. The open house will be at the Board of Supervisors Chambers at the Rood Center (from 5 to 7pm)…

Listen to Rochelle Jenkins 2

The dates are two weeks later than their last announcement of September 9 and 10. The closures will be during the week, and Jenkins says many trucking companies will have their drivers pull over and sleep, rather than take the 56-mile detour.

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