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RCRC Report on State Budget Cuts- Septic System Regs

As Nevada County’s representative on the Regional Council of Rural Counties, Supervisor Nate Beason has asked for time to provide a report on the RCRC January meeting to the Board of Supervisors today. Beason says the RCRC is concerned about the impact on rural counties from some of the budget cuts that are planned by Governor Brown.

“A lot of it’s in social services, the cuts. Two billion in Medi-Cal, Cal-Works, IHSS, that’s In Home Support Services and he’s talking about a little over a billion in education related funding. I don’t know if the education establishment needs much more of that. And then he’s talking about suspending some state mandates to the tune of about eight million.”

Beason says there are also some challenges ahead for rural Counties in the AB885 legislation which regulates septic systems. Rural counties are fighting for more local control with administration by local environmental health agencies.

“We want more local control. We recognize that the septic systems, the soils all over California are different, let alone just in the county itself. We want our local environmental health departments to regulate this and we’re worried that the state is going to give too much authority to the regional water boards and we’ll have another problem like we’ve got with waste water treatment.”

Also on the Board of Supervisors agenda this week is a closed session to discuss a new labor contract   with the Miscellaneous Unit and Professional Unit of County employees, both represented by Local 39.

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